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We know there’s more to the States than Florida, and if you’ve already visited Disney or the Sunshine State, talk to us about your next USA vacation. Want a different kind of beach next break? Check out our Hawaii holidays. Or explore the Big Apple and all it has to offer with our New York hotels selection. Alternatively, let us take the gamble out of Las Vegas!

Alternatively, head to the West Coast. Check out the hotels on our San Francisco holidays and explore this mesmerising city – visit the Golden Gate, stroll around Chinatown, take the cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf, or get out to Alcatraz Island. The list of possibilities for this wonderful town is endless! Or why not try one of our Los Angeles holidays. Take in Rodeo Drive, cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway and explore downtown.

As with all our Florida holidays, we’ll do our best to bring you the very best deals to suit all requirements and we bring our expertise in the travel industry, alongside unparalleled customer service.

Hawaii Hotels

The fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. Look around. There’s no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you’re a new visitor or returning, their six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveler. You will be warmly invited you to explore the islands and discover your ideal travel experience.

Breathtaking beaches and a nightlife to match! Hawaii is defiantly an experience that no one should ever miss. The tropical ambience around your stay in Hawaii will keep bring you back year after year. So don’t miss out on your great January sales, and enquire today for a great quote.

Las Vegas Hotels

Feeling lucky? Then Las Vegas is the city for you, whether you’re looking for sunshine, fun, thrills or spills you’ll find them in this dazzling metropolis. Nevada’s arid desert didn’t seem the most auspicious location for a world-class city but Las Vegas isn’t like any other city! It bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world and with great shopping, fine dining, casinos and concerts from some of the biggest names in show business it truly lives up to this mantle.

Las Vegas’ strip is at the heart of its entertainment offering, with giant casinos and daily live shows. Away from the centre of the city there’s a good selection of championship golf courses, raceways offering thrilling driving experiences, and unusual attractions such as the Neon Museum and a collection of the city’s brightest light installations. But it’s the awesome Grand Canyon that demands a trip from the city. This natural wonder’s incredible peaks and valleys can be enjoyed by helicopter or step out over the cliff edge onto the Skywalk glass bridge.

Los Angeles Hotels


If you’re going to spend any amount of time in Los Angeles, you’ll need a car! How else are you going to squeeze in everything from window shopping on Rodeo Drive to cruising Pacific Coast Highway to exploring the historic buildings of downtown LA.

The allure of Los Angeles is undeniable. Angeleno’s know LA will never have the sophisticated style of Paris or the historical riches of Rome, but they lay claim to the most entertaining city in the United States, if not the world. It really is warm and sunny most days of the year, movie stars actually do live and dine among regular folk, and you can’t swing a Smartphone without hitting an in-line skater at the beach!

New York Hotels


Iconic, hip, trendsetting, and ever-changing, New York City lives up to its superlatives. Underneath the Big Apple‘s jagged skyscraper skyline, museums dazzle with the latest collections, celebrity chefs unveil their newest creations, and Broadway continues to stage elaborate, glittering shows. When you’re planning your activities, think on your feet.

Do what New Yorkers do, Wander the angled tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village or the avenues of million-dollar townhouses on the Upper East Side. And make sure your walking includes window-shopping. Couture designer shops line Madison Avenue, while the major department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s anchor Fifth Avenue in Midtown. To fuel your rambles, you can find your culinary bliss from high end to low budget, in every ethnic cuisine. With small apartment kitchens and a culinary smorgasbord around every corner, it’s no wonder people in  New York eat out so much.

San Francisco Hotels


San Francisco‘s reputation as a rollicking city where almost anything goes dates back to the boom-or-bust days of the San Francisco gold rush. Consistently ranked as San Francisco, San Francisco never ceases to entertain. Enjoy the cool blast of salty air as you stroll across the Golden Gate, stuff yourself with dim sum in Chinatown.

Browse the secondhand shops along Haight Street, stroll Ocean Beach, skate through Golden Gate Park, ride the cable cars to Fisherman’s Wharf, explore Alcatraz Island, go to a Giants ball game. The list is endless!!

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